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Providing Greater Toronto With Amplify Infrared Saunas

Every sauna we provide our customers is designed and built with quality, safety, convenience, and effectiveness at the forefront. Amplify infrared saunas are a prime choice that The Leisure Store is proud to offer residents of Hamilton and throughout Toronto and Canada with our online sauna store. You can enjoy optimal therapeutic benefits from this full spectrum infrared sauna heating up to 165 degrees Fahrenheit.


Impressive Features Add Value to Your Sauna Sessions

The Leisure Store enhances your sauna experience with various beneficial features in the Amplify infrared saunas. Here are examples of the included features:

Ultra-Low EMF Technology

Amplify infrared saunas are the safest infrared heater you will find on the market because of our Solocarbon® heaters. We designed these heaters to produce almost zero electromagnetic fields (EMF) while operating. This ultra-low EMF is thanks to the panels, which we make using a 100% quality-controlled blend of materials.

Impressive Craftsmanship

There is no full-spectrum infrared sauna as beautiful as the Amplify sauna with our 100% quality-controlling manufacturing process. We use thicker wood to make it commercial grade and extra-durable. These saunas are available in PEFC-certified wood, western Canadian cedar, and hypoallergenic basswood.

Easy Assembly

Our patented Magne-Seal assembly process preserves the sauna’s integrity with easy setup and takedown. The walls easily snap together, and Magne-Seal adapts the natural expanding and contracting during use to prevent warping and cracks. It also keeps the heat in while blocking the cool air outside.

Deluxe Bench and A.R.T. Option

You get ultimate comfort with this sauna’s deluxe bench, which is measured at 19” high and 20” deep. The benches are also removable if you choose not to sit or need room for yoga or stretching during your session. Our optional SO Sound acoustic resonance therapy (A.R.T.) uses the healing effects of sound and vibration to help you reach deeper relaxation.


Setting the right ambiance includes finding the right lighting to relax during a sauna session. Our Amplify infrared saunas have soft interior lights to keep your session intimate but with enough light to read a book or magazine. The interior lights include colored lights to enhance the desired mood.

Premium Sound System

We provide superior sound quality with the Blaupunkt media sound system, which has built-in speakers and accommodates Bluetooth, USB/SD inputs, AUX inputs, mp3 WMA playback, and AM/FM radio. The speakers provide crystal clear sound as you relax in your sauna and enjoy your favorite music.

Shop Online or In-Person at Our Store Location

If you live in Waterdown, Grimsby, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, or Stoney Creek, ON, The Leisure Store has a brick-and-mortar location ready to serve your sauna needs. You can also do your shopping at our online store, which ships anywhere in Canada.

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